Shallowbrook Farm
Vacation Home Rentals and Horse Boarding
-- C o m e   l u x u r i a t e   i n   a   p a r t   o f    L a n c a s t e r ' s   h i s t o r y --
Take a Tour Outdoors with Us...
  • Outside is just as breathtaking as the inside.  You will be able to picnic poolside in the
    open air or in the gorgeous screened porch, watch Amish buggies trot by, splash in the
    gorgeous in-ground pool, cook on the grill or simply lounge in the sun.

  • The home is situated on a picturesque acre of land well off the main road.  It is surrounded
    by many large trees and Lancaster's beautiful farmland.  Although the home is in the
    country, it is centrally located to all of Lancaster County's most popular destinations.

  • This home boasts a newly installed top of the line in-ground swimming pool that is ideally
    located right off the newly constructed screened porch.  You will find that the layout of the
    outdoor spaces is perfectly designed for your comfort and convenience.  You can have
    your meals and relax comfortably in the beautifully appointed porch during all hours of the
    day.  The landscaping is top notch, too.