Shallowbrook Farm
Vacation Home Rentals and Horse Boarding
The Run-in Shed
--Our run-in shed, installed fall of 2011, is an economical, yet high quality boarding option. --

The run-in shed boasts the following amenities:
  • Two 10x12 run-in stalls with rubber mats over stone dust, one 10x12 stall, and an 8x10 tack/feed room.

  • A Nelson automatic waterer that provides fresh water year round as well as a frost-free hydrant.

  • 24/7 access during the grazing months to well-maintained pasture rotated as needed.

  • A small herd at all times; there is never more than three horses in this field.

  • Access to a large outdoor riding arena and many acres of lovely, private riding trails.
Services we provide at the run-in shed are as follows:
  • Picking out of the runs and paddock area daily.      

  • Twice daily feedings in the morning and late afternoon.  During the summer we provide a
    maximum of one 2 pound scoop of pelleted feed split between two feedings.  We do not feed hay
    in the summer unless the pastures are not sustaining the horses.  During the winter we provide a
    maximum of two 2 pound scoops of pelleted feed split between two feedings.  The horses also
    get plenty of nice grass or timothy hay throughout the day.

  • We provide a rotation of deworming paste for you to administer to your horse at seasonal
    intervals.  We strive to keep all the horses on a proper schedule as determined by required fecal
    egg counts once or twice a year.

--These are the basic services we can contact us about other services you might want --