Shallowbrook Farm
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The Stable
The moon over the stable at dusk
-- Completed in the summer of 2005, the stable is the newest of all our facilites at Shallowbrook Farm --

This modern barn boasts many convenient amenities:
  • The center aisle design allows easy access to all areas of the barn.

  • Seven 10x12 stalls have interlocking 3/4" thick rubber mats over stone dust for maximum
    drainage and cleanliness.

  • Each stall has access to an automatic waterer.  There is also a waterer outside for the horses at
    pasture.  All are high quality Nelson Waterers that provide fresh water year round.

  • A 3 season wash stall with hot and cold water.

  • A heated bathroom and tackroom with plenty of storage space and a utility sink for cleaning tack.

  • Access to a large outdoor riding arena and many acres of lovely, private riding trails.
Services we provide at the stable are as follows:
  • Stall cleaning seven days a week.

  • Twice daily feeding in the morning and late afternoon.  During the summer we provide a maximum
    of one 2 pound scoop/day split between each feeding.  We do not feed hay in the summer unless
    the pastures are not sustaining all the horses.  We can provide hay and extra grain for your
    horse, if you'd like, for an extra fee.  During the winter we provide a maximum of two 2 pound
    scoops/day.  We also provide lots of nice grass or timothy mix hay throughout the day.

  • Horses are turned out on a daily basis into extremely well-maintained pastures.  We pride
    ourselves in our pasture management.  We are careful not to overload the fields and fertilize,
    mow, and rotate as necessary.  In the summer, the horses are out about 16 hours a day.  They are
    turned out in late afternoon for nighttime grazing.  In the winter, the horses are out about 12
    hours a day and are turned out in the morning.

  • At your discretion, we will put on fly masks during fly season and blankets in the colder months.

  • We provide a rotation of de-worming pastes for you to administer to your horse(s) at seasonal
    intervals.  We strive to keep the horses on a proper schedule determined by required fecal egg
    counts once or twice a year.

--These are the basic services we can contact us about other services you might want --
The moon over the stable at dusk
Snowmageddon February 2010
The moon over the stable at dusk